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Actors’ Union of Turkey (AUT) achieved a ground-breaking success for Turkish dubbing sector by executing a process covering codes of practice and basic fees applicable.

After many years without any fee increase, the protocol regarding the determination of dubbing rules and minimum fees was drawn up by Actors’ Union to be effective within dubbing sector, for medias such as TV, internet, and movie theatre, is now signed and approved by majority of the dubbing studios.

The protocol started a transition process by coming into effect on January 1st and will be fully in effect by May 1st . Not only did the protocol brought regulations to working conditions and performance fee calculations of voice actors, but also contains assignment of rights fee remunerations.

The “Social Dialog” procedure effectuated by Actors’ Union and 22 studios back in 2016 with the aim of structuring working conditions of the sector to reach modern standards. An agreement regarding physical working conditions and studio – voice actor coordination was signed in the first instance and, directly afterward the signature of “Netflix Base Pay Tariff” between the Actors’ Union and studios was completed and took effect on August 1st 2017.

Due to the emerging developments by the end of 2019, regulation of assignment of rights and royalty fees came to the fore. An efficient campaign, pertaining to the voice actors seeking remedy, was launched through social media using hashtags #sesimizhakkımızdır, #OurVoicesOurRights and, with the power of attorney granted by voice actors, Actors’ Union invited studios for a negotiation via “Social Dialog”.

Mr. Sercan Gidişoğlu, secretary general of Actors’ Union, stated that carrying out an accurate communication by utilizing “Social Dialog” to ensure the implementation of legal rights defined by applicable legislation, provided the fastest and best possible outcome with minimum strife between the parties involved in the process. Underlining that this protocol would rang the curtain up on the career of voice over actors, Mr. Gidişoğlu also thanked to all voice actors for their patient, determined and deliberative stand and their common will.





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