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To Be Member of the
Union or Not!

Why Should We Become a Member of the Union?

Because if we become a member of the union, we can act together instead of fighting alone in the face of the problems we face in our working lives. Campaigning for our social and economic rights and our rightful and legitimate demands for working life under the roof of the union will make us stronger. Each actor and actress should be organized in unions that are authorized to regulate work relations, economic social rights and interests.

Why the Actors Union?

The Actors Union, formed as a result of the need for solutions to basic problems that stage, cinema, tv, and dubbing actors experience in their work industry, is the only operating, organized union in this field.

In all developed countries, actors are considered to be “workers” or “employees.”

Only unions have the right and authority to fight for improving the wages and working conditions in work life, and for the performance of the acting occupation according to international standards. The Actors Union was established to to fulfill these purposes in Turkey and to fill this gap that exists in the unionization of actors.

As it is known, the social security of the actors in our country is left to their own responsibilities. This situation causes many actors, who has worked or is currently working in the sector, to remain outside the social security system and to be forced to work informally.

This practice directs actors to join Bağ-Kur as is they are self-employed people in order to solve the social security problem. This solution exposes us to a sector where employers do not take responsibility for the problems and issues related to work life, especially workers’ health and safety, and where as a result, we are left to deal with work-related problems on our own.

For these reasons, we put forward the necessity of actors to be affiliated employees. We argue that in order fort he sector to reach international standards, labor relations must first be set to a standard level.

Since unions are the only authorized bodies for the protection and regulation of social rights and freedoms as well as economic rights and demands in labor relations, we say that actors should be organized in the Actors Union, which is their core organization to protect and advance their rights in the short, medium and long term.

What Do We Do?

We see the union as a means of getting and developing rights. In this respect, the Actors Union, which is organized around the interests of its members, builds its understanding of struggle on the rightful and legitimate demands of its members.

As the Actors Union; we find that unionizing of actors under the roof of a union rather than fighting individually one by one leads individual improvements in the short term; in the long term it is the only way to secure the future of the profession and social security of our colleagues.

The main objective of the Actors Union since its inception is to ensure that the actors work as affiliates.  Actors’ gaining of basic work rights as a result of the determining of the relationship between the actor and the producer as employer-employee relationship, which is a condition of being an affiliated employee, constitutes the field of work of the Actors Union, which has a program on its own, independent of political parties, organizations etc.